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Emergency Dental Spokane

Our clinic offers immediate dental services and oral care for you and your entire family.

At Emergency Dental Spokane, we promise to give you the highest level of care when it comes to your oral concern.

We have an amazing staff, who can accommodate you. We love to accept new patients in our clinic. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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You can schedule your appointment anytime. We are available 24/7.

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A clinic you can trust when it comes to your oral health. We give reliable advice to every patient.

Spokane - Emergency Dental Cares

The pain you experienced when you're having a dental problem is really insane. Losing appetite and sleeps are the main concern when you’re toothaches. Simple toothaches can result from discomfort to our entire system or worst it may lead to dental emergencies.

Here at Emergency Dental Spokane, we can remove your suffering by scheduling an appointment with us. Our clinic offers 24/7 appointments to our valued clients. We aimed to give you the best quality of care you deserve.

Our dentist’s main goal is to help you relieve your pain as soon as you make an appointment with our clinic. We strive at same-day or next-day appointments!

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Our Services

We also provide a wide array of special services you can choose from, aside from the emergency dental service. Just take a look at our lists and tell us what you need, we have a comprehensive list of services all for your oral care.

    Visual & Dental Check-Ups

    Our dentist will examine your mouth to check if there're an early sign of an oral problem. X-rays might be done to detect cavities and to make sure that the gums are firm.

    General Dentistry

    A complete service for your mouth. From check-ups to diagnostic, possible treatment, and preventive care to your oral problem. 

    Pediatric Care

    Providing dental care to your children, from the start they begin teething up to their teen years.

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What Is Consider Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is immediate attention or treatment involving mouth and teeth. Teeth that cause bleeding and severe pain are considered a dental emergency. It requires immediate attention from your local dentist to restore or give a possible solution to the concern.

Dental fractures are the common cause of the emergency, traumatic injuries that lead to damage to you’re oral. Injuries from sports and accidents in vehicles are sometimes the reason for dental fractures. In addition, gum diseases and infections are other forms of a dental emergency, if left untreated may result in serious oral problems.

The good thing at Emergency Dental Spokane is offering a wide variety of services including emergency services. Our clinic provides a 24/7 online appointment for our patients. To ensure you’re receiving the right services you deserve!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Ignored Dental Fractures

Ignoring a dental problem can result in a more serious problem. If this happens the damage and infection from your may spread more on the inside and more serious complications may occur.

It is important to address early signs of a problem in your mouth to make sure it receives the proper preventive care it needs. Failing to do that will result from loosing of teeth or tooth.

Whether the cause of your fracture is by sport or accident it should have been consulted to a dentist before it gets worst. A dentist visit is the best advice for that situation.

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Why You Should Visit Your Dentist

A dental appointment is not something to be skipped. A dental check-up is the most important part of taking good care of your oral health. And here is some common reason why you should visit your dentist, this will prevent you from suffering.


It is a common sign of an early oral problem. Sudden discomfort on your mouth caused by cavities or an early sign of tooth decay.

Tooth Fractured

Tooth fractured or cracked tooth is difficult to spot because the crack may be small or not visible to look at.

Detect Gum Diseases

Inflammation in the gums is a serious dental infection. If left untreated, it may lead to tooth extraction or removal of a tooth.

Chipped Teeth

Is small damage to your tooth enamel, generally tooth filling is the possible solution to repair a chipped tooth.

Sports Injuries

Participating in sports without the proper gear will cause damage to your mouth if accidents happen.

Impacted Tooth

The wisdom tooth is most likely last to erupt. It will become impacted once the tooth doesn't have enough room to develop or erupt.

Preventive Care To Maintain Healthy & Stronger Teeth

Oral health is very important for every individual. They can enjoy eating their favorite food if they have healthy teeth. Maintaining healthy and stronger teeth take lifetime care, wear and tear can also cause emergency dental services. But taking good care of your mouth when you're young, makes it healthy later in life. Here are the five (5) ways to keep your teeth healthy:

    1. Brush your teeth gently and regularly. Use toothpaste with the right amount of fluoride. Fluoride is designed to fight germs and cavities in the tooth enamel. 

    2. Flossing helps remove the small particle in between your teeth. That's why they use of dental floss is a must!

    3. Eat healthy food, limit the consumption of sugary and acidic food. Avoid smoking and reduce alcohol intake. Tobacco can cause oral infection or worst oral cancer.

    4. Routine check-ups with your dentist.

    5. Drink a lot of water. Drinking water can help you maintain your oral health, it helps wash out the sticky and acidic food in your mouth. 

What Our Clients Says

“The procedure went well! I never thought that my teeth will look like the way it was.”

Brianna Flair

Yoga Instructor, Namaste

“My daughter loves to see her dentist every now and then. They had a wonderful staff.”

Jane Daigo

Model, GrooveModels

What Dental Services Do You Need?

Emergency can happen any time of the day. When does happens, you should know when to call us. Explore our services and book an early appointment for your dental care.

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